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Animation As a Career

Do you want to pursue animation as your career?

If yes, then you have to have amazing artistic, technical and creative skills to be at the top of your game. This is because, animation is everywhere these days. Be it advertisement, movies or cartoons. Marketers these days utilize animation as a great tool to promote their business and brand. Characters are created to enchant customers in order to increase conversion rates.

Be it the Disney movies or video games….animation has played its part everywhere.

By now, you must have become very excited to know about the life of an animator. Let us take a look of the pros and cons of an animator’s job…

Jimmy is a successful animator. He is great at technology and communication. His artistic bent of mind helps him to create beautiful illustrations of stories….which makes him an amazing storyteller as well. The greatest strength of an animator has to be the fact that he has to be a great storyteller. In the field of animation, talent matters more than degree.

So, if you do not have a college degree, relax. Talent goes a long way. More than degrees generally do.

There are several advantages of being an animator. Let’s see what those are:

The more creative you are, the more will be the income. These days it is extremely easy to copy paste someone’s hard work till a certain degree….but nobody is interested to see repetitive work. So, unique and out of the box art or any other form of creativity counts. In this industry growth is steady and the more exceptional your work will be, the more recognition you will get.  Eventually, if you wish to, you can get into this field, as the industries of motion picture and software designing is really promising. If you are at the peak of your expertise and wish to start your own business venture ten it is possible too.

This will help you to save time and travelling costs. If you wish to sleep at a proper time and wake up at a certain time which directly compatible with your work load, then it is possible too.

We all know that art is limitless. With every passing day you can learn new things than can enhance your skills of animation. Animation is widely used these days by the organizations in order to promote themselves… Animated videos are in trend. These videos are one of a kind.

These videos last for about 3-4 minutes and in that short span of time, it explains the concept of the product or service along with its benefits to the viewers in a short span of time. There are many types of animated videos. They are whiteboard animation, character animation, info graphics and etc.

A good animation company is the one which listens to the client first in a thorough manner. It understands the client needs and wants. Which product features are required to be highlighted and how is the Call To Action going to be, all these are well known by the animation artist. According to the instructions and directions given by the client, the work comes in motion. The animation company makes sure to complete the work given by the client within 10 days at the maximum. This is how the job flow of an animator looks like. It is exciting, full of creativity and imagination that knows no bounds.


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