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Well, they say that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. This rings true especially with animated explainer videos. These are animated and short videos which gracefully narrate the concept of your business/product/service, making it much easier for the viewer to grab the message which you want to convey. It has been proven that explainer videos can increase the conversion rate of any business and this is why almost every business is opting for animated explainer videos to push up its sales graph.

We, at PixAnime create animated explainer videos that easily showcase the potential of your business. The most complex and complicated of your business activities are easily translated into engaging and interesting shots for the explainer videos. These videos have the X-factor to express the most technical and mundane business activities with such a charm that the viewer demands to see them more. Let us help you to bring out the best. No matter how grown up we are, we still cannot get over the enchanting videos which we watched during our childhood. Now, we are mature but no matter what, we still miss those characters which used to fool around all the time. Now, in our everyday job lives, we are mercilessly surrounded with monotonous bar graphs and pie charts and this monotony gets easily reflected on our business activities, especially when it comes to promoting products and services.

Every business is ready to invest money in order to grow and lead the market, but what does your business do to stand out from the queue of regular businesses? Have you ever thought of this? If not then put forward your foot differently this time. Try out some animated explainer videos and character animation videos to charm your audience and convert them from viewers to buyers. These videos are detailed, crisp and entertaining pieces of information which a business tries to explain to the viewers in order to increase its sales. These videos tell long and complicated tales of business processes, products and services in a simplified, enchanting yet detailed manner. That is why businesses hunt for the best explainer video company, in order to introduce themselves in an unexpected and enchanting manner which not only catches the attention of the target audience but also keeps them glued to their screens till the last second of the animated video. Keeping the different personality of different business in mind,

PixAnime, which is also an explainer video company, zeros on to the kind of videos that will do justice to the business. We choose unique styles of storytelling which is not only interactive but also engaging. Give it to us and have a good time because with us the best of your times are not far behind.