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What We Do

Your business is who you are. In fact it’s an extended version of your personality and nature. You are unique and so is your business. But often a business requires a creative edge to stand out from the crowd. So, we make sure to bring out the potential of your business by maintaining its unique essence at the same time. With our customized high quality digital products you can now reach a broader mass. To make this smooth and timely, we work tirelessly to ensure a user friendly experience that is both customer centric and business friendly. Our job is to set things right pixel by pixel, and we do it with all our passion.



Social media is the swag of today’s era. It is the parallel lifestyle of every individual which s/he is proud of. From uploading pictures from last night’s party to asking for medical support, social media has become the second home for all.


Info-graphics creation

Every business thrives to be the best to keep itself ahead of its competitors. Just like everyone else, you too are doing the same thing. Then how can you expect a different result? Why not to promote your business activities on social networks in a unique way?


Web Development

Are you aware that these days, majority of the customers make buying decisions based on their online experiences? Considering this, don’t you think it is high time to refresh the appearance, accessibility and usability of your website to maintain….


Explainer Videos

Well, they say that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. This rings true especially with explainer videos. These are animated and short videos which gracefully narrate the concept of your business/product/service, making it much easier for the ..



Just like we strive to make our own identity in the world, a business too tries to make its own identity in the market. This is called branding. We at Pixanime understand the importance of brand recognition for the long term success for any business.


Corporate Photo & Video Shooting

You own a business? Congratulations! But, what do you do to enhance its existence and elevate its status in the market? If you have done nothing so far, then pull up your socks to bring out your business identity.